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“It’s about friendship because when you’re single and in the city, your friends are your family.”

Chances are you may not know this quote but you likely know the TV show it came from. This quote was used when the producers of “Friends” pitched the show many years ago.

I remember hearing the quote a few years after the show ended and it has stuck with me ever since. It is also the reason I created the Vicariously Through You Community.

Expanding our networks and making new friends in our thirties and forties is harder than ever. ⁣

If you agree, you should come over and join us in our new Facebook group! ⁣

The group is made up of women who are there to support each other and create connections. ⁣

We discuss things like travel, skincare, careers, finances and health among many other things.

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About Carmen

My name is Carmen Jaeger. I am the founder of the Vicariously Through You blog and Facebook group.

I live in Chicago with my ferocious eight pound Maltipoo, Stella. A few of my favorite things include traveling, Cubs baseball, rainy days and books with happy endings. 

You can reach me directly at [email protected] You will also find me in the Vicariously Through You Facebook group. 


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