My Travels

After moving to Chicago, working for a few years and completing graduate school, my wanderlust finally got the best of me. I decided I did not want to wait for a travel partner anymore so I booked my first trip abroad. I went solo.

On that first trip, I visited eight European countries in a little over two weeks. I came home with so many great memories, lots of photos and the travel bug. I was officially hooked!

50 U.S. states (!!!), 25+ countries and 22 MLB ballparks later, my desire to travel and explore the world is stronger than ever.

My favorite destination to date is Hawaii. I have been there four times (I have been to all of the main islands except for Kauai). I also love Germany, Alaska, Croatia, New York City, Belize and Australia, among many others.

This blog was originally born out of my love of writing and my desire to share my travel stories and lessons learned, particularly with women in their 30’s and 40’s who don’t have a travel partner but want to travel anyway.

My hope is that instead of living Vicariously Through Me, you will be inspired to set out and explore the world on your own after reading my posts. If I can do it, I know you can too!

What’s next?

Instead of getting shorter the more I travel, my “want to go to” list seems to get longer because I meet new people and learn about new places. If you’re interested in reading about the places I consider to be on my “travel bucket list,” check out this post.

Other things I want to do include (in no particular order)…

– Travel to Thailand

– Join an African safari

– Visit the Galapagos Islands

– Experience Machu Picchu

– Stay in an over-water bungalow in the Maldives or Bora Bora

– Complete a cruise to (and back from) Antarctica

– Take photos in Antelope Canyon in Arizona

– Attend the Masters’ golf tournament

– Explore Santa Fe, New Mexico

– See the Northern Lights in Iceland

– Visit the Highland cattle in Scotland

– Ride in a hot air balloon.

A Few of My Favorite Travel Photos

Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

This is one of my favorite travel photos. Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

Wrigley Field Chicago, IL

One of the best MLB ballparks and my favorite way to spend a summer afternoon in Chicago – at Wrigley Field with a Bud Light and a squished hot dog. Go Cubs Go!

Neuschwanstein Castle. I visited in October 2014.

Haleakala sunrise in Maui

Sunrise over Haleakala, the only active volcano on the Island of Maui.

Kata-Tjuta in Australia

Some of the mounds at Kata-Tjuta National Park in Australia.