The Best Face Sunscreens for Rosacea

Best Facial Sunscreens for Rosacea

If you have rosacea and sensitive skin, you probably spend a lot of time researching and trying out new products to protect your skin. One of the most important ways to do that is by always wearing an SPF. I will admit that when I was younger, I wasn’t diligent about wearing sunscreen but over the past five years or so, it has become a part of my daily morning routine. Throughout those five years, I have tried a lot of different sunscreens. Some have been good, some have not. There are three that have risen to the top and that I repurchase over and over. These are the three best face sunscreens for rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea (roe-ZAY-she-uh) is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels on the face. It can also produce small, red, pus-filled bumps. The signs and symptoms may flare up for weeks to months and then go away for a while. Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, other skin problems or natural ruddiness. Triggers can include exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight, exercise and alcohol consumption.

Rosacea can affect anyone but it is most common in middle-aged women who have light skin (that’s me!). There is no cure for rosacea, but treatment and lifestyle measures like limiting one’s exposure to sunlight can control and reduce the signs and symptoms. Therefore, wearing a facial sunscreen is very important for those with rosacea.

Best Face Sunscreens for Rosacea

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EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum 46 for Sensitive or Acne-Prone Skin

This sunscreen was recommended to me by my dermatologist. It is expensive but worth it. When I know I am going to be in intense sun for many hours, such as when I am in Hawaii, this is the sunscreen I prefer to wear. You can get it tinted or not, both versions work great. It doesn’t have a strong smell nor does it make my face feel greasy. It is $36 USD for 1.7 fl oz.


Paula’s Choice Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30

The Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense from Paula’s Choice is relatively new for me. I started using it this summer. I have read and heard a lot about Paula’s Choice over the past year and have wanted to try their products for a while. I finally ordered some skincare items in the spring. The Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense was included in my order.

This is a light sunscreen (as advertised) and it is tinted. It doesn’t feel greasy nor does it have a strong smell. I haven’t noticed any impact to my makeup when I wear it over top of this sunscreen. It is $32 USD for 2 oz.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

This is the sunscreen I have purchased the most over the past couple of years. It is also the one I use most for day to day. The issue for this one is that while I can order it from Amazon, it has to be shipped from Asia because it is not sold in the USA. Therefore, shipping takes a few weeks. It is worth the wait though.

The Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is very light. It is not greasy. It has a very slight smell but it is not unpleasant. It is also the least expensive of the three I mention in this post. It costs about $10 USD for about 2 fl oz. Because shipping takes so long, I usually order two or three at a time.

Best Face Sunscreen for Rosacea - Biore Watery Essense

Two That Are Not Worth The Hype

Supergoop’s Superscreen Daily Moisterizer

I put this on and spent the rest of the day looking forward to nighttime so I could take it off. It was really heavy and SO GREASY! I hated the way it felt on my face. I hear about this brand all the time and was excited to try it. This may just be the wrong product for me though. It looks like they may have some lighter sunscreens that may be more of what I prefer so I might try one of them in the future. If I do, I will let you know my thoughts. This product is $34 USD for 1.7 oz.

COOLA Organic Classic Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion

I wanted to love this one but I got burnt when wearing it while I was in Hawaii. There isn’t much point in wearing it if it doesn’t work. It comes unscented, which I love. It wasn’t heavy or greasy. It is $32 USD for 1.7 fl oz. It may be okay for day to day when I am in Chicago and not out in the sun too often but it is not worth having it around if I cannot trust it. This one was a bummer for me.

What About Body Sunscreens?

I covered the best face sunscreens for rosacea but what about body sunscreens for sensitive skin? To be honest, I don’t really wear body sunscreen too often. During my second trip to Hawaii in 2015, I bought a swim shirt from Lands End. The shirt is equivalent to wearing a sunscreen. Since discovering these shirts, I wear them whenever I am at the pool or beach in the sun and have not had any burns. Therefore, I usually skip coating my body in sunscreen. The swim shirt I have has a high neckline and long sleeve, so it protects my chest and arms. When I am in the pool, my legs are in the water and not exposed.

Did I Miss Any?

There are my recommendations for the best face sunscreens for rosacea. If you have tried any of them, do you agree with my assessment? If you have another one not listed that works well for you that you think I should try, tell me in the comments below. I love to hear about and try new products.

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Best Facial Sunscreens for Rosacea