My Favorite Vacation Souvenir Idea

Do you struggle with vacation souvenir ideas?

I used to. Back from my early travel days, I couldn’t decide on one vacation souvenir idea and as a result, I have a variety of things to remember my earliest trips by.

I have some magnets. I have t-shirts. Random chachkies. I also have Christmas ornaments.

Over the years, I finally settled on Christmas ornaments. They are now my preferred vacation souvenir idea for several reasons:

  • They are also usually small and easy to pack for the trip home.
  • They’re fairly easy to find and can usually be found in an airport if necessary.
  • Most of the year, they are put away and do not clutter up my home.
  • They make putting my Christmas tree up really fun because pulling them out of the boxes is like walking down memory lane of my travels.

Most of the ornaments I have make me smile. Some make me laugh. Others remind me of travel mishaps or things I’d like to forget.

Regardless, they are all a memory and my favorite part of putting up my Christmas tree.

Since my tree is up, I thought I would share many of the ornaments from my travels that I have collected over the years.

Vacation Souvenir Ideas
Hawaii 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚
The newest ornament on my tree. I picked this one up in Denver last weekend. It was too cute to pass up.
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
I picked this ornament up in San Fran when I went with an aunt and cousins to Napa in November 2018.
Arizona Cactus Christmas Ornament
This ornament captured my eye when I visited my friends Rene, Marion, Garrett and Bri in Arizona in April 2019. I also crossed the Diamondbacks baseball stadium, Chase Field, off my list during this trip.
Belize Christmas Ornament
My friend Jess and I had a great time scuba diving in Belize, It is where she earned her open water certification.
Boston Christmas Ornament
Who else loves Boston? I haven’t been to Boston in several years but would love to go back and visit soon!
Cayman Islands Christmas Ornament
I earned my scuba diving open water certification in the Cayman Islands. Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is one of the best beaches I have been to.
Chicago Theater
This is a replica of the marquee for the Chicago Theater on State Street. I see it daily when I get on and off the train for work.
Chicago Bean
A replica of the Chicago Bean (and my reflection). I got this one at the Christkindl Market held in the Chicago loop each year.
Croatia and Philadelphia Christmas Ornaments
Two for one in this photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dubrovnik Croatia and Philadelphia.
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
I got this one during my first trip to Hawaii in 2013. Hawaii is my favorite place to visit.
Iowa Christmas Ornament
Home Sweet Home. Part of my heart will always belong to Iowa.
Las Vegas Christmas Ornament
Even the places I don’t like get honored on my tree. This ornament is an example.
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
Another two for one. Maine and Niagara Falls. We went to both of these places during our baseball trip in 2016. That was one of my favorite vacations.
Mexico Christmas Ornament
Cozumel, Mexico. I didn’t like diving there. The currents were too strong and it was hard for me to relax when being dragged along by it.
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
This is one of my favorite ornaments. It is the Night Watchman from Rothenburg, Germany. We did his tour of the city when we visited. I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Rothernburg.
I visited North Dakota with my friend Crystal last summer. She bought this for me in the airport because I forgot to buy one,. What a fun weekend and a great friend!
I visited Multnomah Falls in Oregon with my good friend Liz.
Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Key chain being used as an ornament here. The Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Rome Christmas Ornament
I bought this one in Rome.
Santorini Christmas Ornament
Santorini, Greece. The home of a famous sunset and massive, overwhelming crowds.
Sydney Harbor Bridge
I bought this one after climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge with Megan and Claire. Another really fun trip!
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
Texas. I love lots of people there but I did not love living there.
The Netherlands
The Netherlands
Venice, Italy
I like this one too from Venice, Italy.
Vermont. My 50th US State visited.
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park. I visited the park with my mom, sister, nephew and niece.
This is a licitar. Licitars colorfully decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough. They are part of Croatia and Slovenia’s cultural heritage and are a traditional symbol of the Croatian capital Zagreb. They are used as an ornamental gift, often given at celebrations of love such as weddings and St, Valentine’s Day.
I got this one in Alaska. I saw several moose while I was there. They were definitely one of the highlights (along with seeing the peak of Denali).
My friend Jackie and I escaped the Chicago winter and headed to Paradise Island in the Bahamas a few years ago. The beach was nice there too.
Vacation Souvenir Ideas
This isn’t technically a travel ornament. I picked it up at a store in Chicago. But it makes a nice addition to my tree.

Do you have a go-to souvenir idea for your travels? If so, I’d love to hear it. Tell me about it is in the comments below.

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Vacation Souvenir Idea

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